SWEET SPOT: The imaginary piano: artificiality and nature in the piano sound
10/12/2021 | 7:30 p.m.
Small studio | Mozarteum University | Mirabellplatz 1 | 5020 Salzburg

An event by: Institute for New Music

This sweet spot deals with the exploration of spectral sounds, acoustic illusions and an electroacoustic double in piano works by Jonathan Harvey, Achim Bornhöft and Javier Torres Maldonado.

Piano: Candida Felici

Achim Bornhöft (moderation) in conversation with Javier Torres Maldonado and Candida Felici

Idea, technology and moderation: Alexander Bauer, Achim Bornhöft, Marco Döttlinger, Martin Losert

More information at: www.w-k.sbg.ac.at

An event by Science & Art – (Inter) Mediation program area – with the Studio for Electronic Music and the Institute for New Music at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg

The Sweet Spot series sees itself as a forum for classical and completely new productions of electroacoustic music in Salzburg. Pieces of the genre are heard and discussed with one another. Each concert is accompanied by a short introduction and the opportunity to share what you have heard afterwards.

Free entry!

Registration required at: ingeborg.schrems@plus.ac.at